Pozole, soup to die for

For our ‘Soup du jour’ may I suggest ‘Pozole‘, a Mexican soup, or soupy stew, depending on your preferred soup consistency. I am given to understand that this is the soup of soups in parts of Mexico, and as soon as I get over the image left in my brain by some of its distant history, I will prepare it and share it.  It seems that this very delicious soup, or a variation of it, was originally served with human flesh which, if you had a contact at the local temple, could be obtained following Thursday’s Aztec sacrificial rituals. Of course, following the conquest by the Spaniards, cannibalism was banned, and pork was substituted, owing to its similarity in taste. I am always amazed at the bizarre relationships our religions, past and present, have with the foods we eat…but that’s a topic for a later post.  The area of Mexico most famous for this delicacy is Guerrero where the weekly event is known as Jueves Pozolero. Specific restaurants are open only on Thursdays for the sole purpose of serving this dish. So click on the link, happy Pozole Thursday and may you enjoy you meal.