John Lees-Extreme Hiker at 65 (and still living)

John, you have made it to 65 and who’d have ever guessed it, leading the life of thrills and adventure that you do. Over the years your courage, limitless strength, your cunning, your skillful handling of danger, your ability to follow trail blazes, all have combined to make you one of the outstanding lowland hikers in the country (sorry, I meant county). Who shall ever forget your slide up the gully in Meadowlily, or for that matter, the downhill slide on the same trail. Such poise, such courage, such dedication to your chosen sport. Someday fellow hikers will say of him: he knew where he was going, he followed the white blazes without hesitation, he understood the different challenges of up and down, and he always respected his fellow hikers when the need for relief struck him. He was a private man, always seeking out a private spot for that private act that, now and then, visits us all. He knew the importance of a good hat and always respected what lay behind a good long thumb.

We, your lifelong companions, wish you a very happy 65th birthday and we really mean it when we say…. Take a hike!

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3 thoughts on “John Lees-Extreme Hiker at 65 (and still living)

  1. The percentage of younger folks a person comes across in the wild appears to me to be diminishing as compared to the oldsters. Those wild lands are going to have to have people visiting them, appreciating and loving them if anyone’s to bother protecting them from the private interests. Good seeing the post. Gracias, Jules

    • First let me say that I really like your blog. You are partly right with your comment. Our group never runs into young folks on our hikes. Where we see a lot of them is on canoe trips into our wilderness. Reason? This is not a critical statement, only an observation…booze, drugs, girls. And why would it be any different?

  2. Too good for words. Good on you people for using the world. And what beautiful trips you’re having. Must be nice to watch the world with your wisdom and experience… Thanks for sharing

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